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Eno • Hyde - "Daddy's Car"

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As mentioned previously, Brian Eno and Underworld co-founder Karl Hyde are coming forth with a collaborative full-length called Someday World. Despite having basic elements, the lead single "The Satellites" was a nice, mildly moody treat - it was great hearing these two electronic music veterans working together and just delivering a well-written tune.

"Daddy's Car" has a lot of the same elements, including the bright horns that helped make "The Satellites" so captivating, but overall this new single is bolder with its instrumentation. Not in the sense that Eno and Hyde are doing something incredibly ambitious or adventurous - the components here are still pretty basic - but the song does sound grand nonetheless. Its arrangement is certainly more upbeat and zestier than the earlier glimpse we got of the project, and it's decidedly heavier on vocals. These two tracks forecast an album that's going to be dynamic, have stellar production, and simply be a great ride. So we're properly excited for this thing to drop via Warp on May 5!

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