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Black Pus - "Blood Will Run"

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Black Pus, a.k.a. Brian Chippendale, is dropping a new, vinyl-only split LP with Oozing Wound, which is aptly titled Split LP. From what I understand, "Blood Will Run" is the first song to be dropped from it, and it's absolutely nuts. It's not quite as noisy or rhythmically dense as one would expect from a Black Pus.

Actually, it's the lyrics that manage to lead the way on this one. Chippendale shouts these direct, yet, abstract lines about pulling out his gun in response to other people needing to "turn down" their music and opinions. There's even some goofily harmonized singing just before there's noisy freakout of ascending and descending melodies that spiral out of control against Chippendale's steady drumming, too. Definitely one of the more distinct and odd tracks I've heard from this project in a while. Hopefully, the rest of this split runs just as bold.

Look for Split LP via Thrill Jockey on June 17th.