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Cold Specks - "Absisto"

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Cold Specks, the musical project of Canadian singer-songwriter Al Spx, has been slowly increasing visibility lately, most notably by contributing vocals to the new Swans album To Be Kind. Now, she is about to release her sophomore record, Neuroplasticity, and has dropped the first single in the form of "Absisto," a grungy, dark, clamoring tune. On this track, Spx ups the ante from her previous material and adds in gritty, sludgy edges. (For a great indication of this, click on that Soundcloud link above and when it's over, wait for the next track of hers to come on. You'll notice the stark difference in tone).

It might be premature to presume that all of her second LP will be in this vein of soulful, soaring rock, and I wouldn't be at all surprised if a few luminous acoustic (or even acapella) ballads pepper the album. But as Spx sings throughout the powerful track, in her fantastic signature howl, "Simmer down, settle in," it becomes clear that maybe she is talking to us, trying to get us ready for what's to come.

Neuroplasticity comes out August 26, via Arts & Crafts.