The Needle Drop

Dave Harrington - Before This There Was One Heart but a Thousand Thoughts

New MusictheneedledropComment You probably know Dave Harrington best as the guitarist of Darkside, his collaboration with Nicolas Jaar that yielded the brilliant album Psychic last year. Dave has since put out a couple of tracks through Jaar's Other People label, appearing in issues 38 and 39 of its weekly podcast. Both tracks clock in at around ten minutes each and are made up of presumably Harrington's guitar work maniuplated and stretched into a series of enthralling drones. They've been put together as a sort of 20-minute-long EP (formally his solo debut), with the hefty title Before This There Was One Heart but a Thousand Thoughts. Stream it above via Other People's Soundcloud and lose yourself in the multi-phased ambient and micro-house magic!