The Needle Drop

Freddie Gibbs x The World's Freshest - The Tonite Show

New MusictheneedledropComment After dropping with Madlib what will no doubt be a strong contender for the greatest hip hop album of the year (Piñata), Freddie Gibbs wasted no time teaming up for another noteworthy collaboration. This time, the Indiana rapper has joined forces with Bay Area producer DJ Fresh (a.k.a. The World's Freshest), making another entry in Fresh's Tonite Show series.

At under a half an hour, The Tonite Show is short, sweet (eh, maybe not such much), and to the point. Gibbs delivers one unapologetically hard and blunt bar after another and The World's Freshest brings some good ole boom bap beats to the table. I mean, it might not be the veritable masterpiece Piñata is, but it is probably the greatest installment of the Tonite Show yet and the two artists work well together. Give it a listen above and enjoy!

The Tonite Show is out now via Empire Recordings.