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La Roux - "Let Me Down Gently"

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It's hard to believe that it's been five years since Elly Jackon's La Roux released its self-titled debut. It's been a long time since their great single "Bulletproof" had a momentary reign on the airwaves. Jackson has remained nearly silent in the years since, riding the debut for as long as possible, Jackson eventually returned to write the follow-up, which is finally coming out this year. It's called Trouble in Paradise, and the first track from it has dropped in the form of "Let Me Down Gently."

The song, a nearly 6-minute synth popper, achieves a high early on and never relinquishes it. This, of course, makes its elongated running time feel a little superfluous, but the electric guitar (or sax? I can't even tell) that surfaces in the latter half is a nice gift to those who have held on for so long. As has always been the case, Jackson's wonderful voice holds it together, as she sings lines like "You're not my life, but I want you in it" with conviction. It might not be as a nearly perfect as "Bulletproof" or even "In for the Kill," but it does make me excited to hear how La Roux have changed their sound up on this forthcoming album.

Trouble in Paradise is out July 7 via Polydor.