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Meshell Ndegeocello - "Conviction"

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Singer/songwriter/bassist Meshell Ndegeocello doesn't get enough respect. She had some low-level visibility a few years ago when she released her first couple albums, but has since faded into a small niche where her small but ultra-devoted fanbase follows her every move. I only really got invested in her music when she released her last LP, the sort of amazing Weather, and so I am pretty stoked that she has a new release on the way.

The first song to leak from it is "Conviction," and it's pretty standard Meshell. Slightly funky, headbobbing guitar, bass, and drums. All of it is complemented as superbly as ever by her sultry, sensuous voice. Its this passionate and husky voice that first lured me in, back when I heard "Objects in Mirror are Closer than They Appear", the fantastic track from Weather, and it doesn't disappoint here. Ndegeocello is definitely an under-the-radar gem, but I hope this time around she blips more into the middle of the screen.

Ndegeocello's new record Comet Come to Me is out June 3 via Naive, and features contributions from Shara Worden!