The Needle Drop

Mick Jenkins - "Who Else" (prod. TJ Osinulu)

New Musictheneedledrop1 Comment Mick Jenkins has really been impressing lately, namely with his last video for the macabre "Martyrs," and now with his new single "Who Else." The man is proving to be a hell of a wordsmith ("Piers Morgan my peers now"!) and his lyrics retain a compelling, socially-conscious edge. But what steals the show here for me is the hard-hitting, somewhat leftfield instrumental, courtesy of one TJ Osinulu. This is the only beat I've heard (and was able to find) of his, but his production is a striking balance of forceful and jittery; there is also a neat, spacey cool-down in the middle of the track.

"Who Else" has left us further interested in Jenkin's forthcoming mixtape, The Water[s], which arrives June 24 and is apparently a prequel to last year's Trees and Truths. If his past few tunes or videos have caught your ear, do check out that tape.