The Needle Drop

Shabazz Palaces - "They Come in Gold"

New MusictheneedledropComment Shabazz Palaces, the experimental hip hop duo behind of one of our favorite albums of 2011 Black Up, thankfully has a new project due out in a couple of months. It is titled Lese Majesty, and it is looking to be even more ambitious than its predecessor, at least in terms of structure, with this one being comprised of seven suites over the course of 18 tracks - it's so intricate, it comes with a map. But it actually might be more aurally adventurous as well, this lead single "They Come in Gold," containing countless ear-grabbing electronic textures. In particular, the vaguely brassy one that rises above the mix's myriad swirling and ringing sounds. And the transition midway through the song is really quite breathtaking, leading into perhaps the twosome's most powerful verse yet. Stream it up there; happy listening!

Lese Majesty drops July 29 via Sub Pop (which is months too many away).