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Usher - "Good Kisser"

Videostheneedledrop2 Comments Well, here's an unforeseen development: Usher just earlier this month dropped one of the hottest songs of his career. Immediately distinguishing "Good Kisser" as such a killer track is its beat - underlying the verses is a simple yet funky bass and drum kit groove. Frankly, it's a pretty organic-sounding instrumental for a piece of radio-pop. Moreover, Usher's voice here is just incredibly commanding and soulful; his adept falsetto leading into a staggeringly grand refrain. It's great to hear him achieving these new passionate heights, especially at this point in his career.

Funky, soulful, largely organic, and as tasteful as a song about oral sex ought to be, "Good Kisser" is a truly great pop tune. If Usher's gonna be turning out earworms like this, maybe losing your SO to him wouldn't be such an unbearably embarrassing thing ... Nah, of course it still would be.