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Young and in the Way - "Be My Blood"

Videostheneedledrop6 Comments "Blackened crust" has got to be high in the running for nastiest genre name. Not many bands have a high enough filth factor to rise to this descriptor's occasion, but among the furious few is Young and in the Way. Hailing from Charlotte, North Carolina, the quartet makes music that demands being set to frenetic footage of the band performing so hard that blood covers their faces, the frontman wretching at his reflection in a mirror held by a robed death figure, and naturally, myriad glass shit breaking. At least, that's the deal with their new single "Be My Blood," which could be called a treat if you're into some seriously confrontational music. If that's the case, check it out above and enjoy!

"Be My Blood" is taken from When Life Comes to Death, due out May 27 via Deathwish. It's their sophomore LP, after 2011's I Am Not What I Am.