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My Brightest Diamond - "Pressure"

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Shara Worden is one of my favorite voices in contemporary music, and I mean that both literally and figuratively. The latter because of her unique songwriting abilities and her way with creating slippery, pretty melodie sand make them sound so easy. The former because, well, that voice! Worden's chops have proven themselves time and time again throughout her career (let's not forget her triumphant, showstopping contribution to the Decemberists' The Hazard of Love). Her project My Brightest Diamond has released three very solid albums, and now it is time for their fourth, This is My Hand.

With the announcement comes first single, "Pressure." Led by insistent drumline percussion and brass, whose melding with the feathery woodwinds sounds oddly comfortable. This sort of groovy tune features another thrilling take from Worden. Multi-tracking her voice into a mini-choir to call-and-response with, she commands the four minutes with grace and power. The twinkling bells and distorted bassy synth swells that recur throughout are nice touches (in fact - everything here seems like a "nice touch" since this is a most slithery song that shifts gears and instruments repeatedly). The song seems to be about mining diamonds, but I can't help but feel that is not really what it's all about. Nonetheless, this single definitely whets my appetite and is getting me giddy for this new release.

This is My Hand is out September 17, via Asthmatic Kitty.