The Needle Drop

Sia - "Eye of the Needle"

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If the first single from Sia's forthcoming record, "Chandelier", was a pretty perfect example of a bombastic pop banger a la Rihanna (go figure), then her second new single "Eye of the Needle" is a good example of a pop ballad. An understated drum beat (which sounds like it might even be real!?) and piano underscore Sia's gentle but powerful voice. Throw in that classic Sia trill in the chorus - along with her signature scratchy-throat goodness - and you've got another indicator that her new album may just be something to look out for. It's true that these two songs might not be as successful or interesting without Sia's vocal prowess, but honestly, that's fine - when pop music relies so heavily on the singer at the center, she better be magnetic and intriguing to listen to. Sia accomplishes that.

1,000 Forms of Fear comes out July 8 via RCA.