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Zola Jesus - "Dangerous Days"

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Wisconsin native Zola Jesus (aka Nika Danilova) has released a new single from her forthcoming record, Taiga, and it points out all her strengths beautifully. On "Dangerous Days," Danilova sends forth a surging beat and sweeping synths that grow to sound positively triumphant. Of course, the main draw is still the same: that voice. Danliova's elemental, titanic voice has long been the centerpoint of her music, and for good reason: she finds surprising depth within what at first appears to be a sort of limited delivery. On this new track, she uses many of her tricks - going from low-key to wailing within seconds - and nails it. Her new record is said to be inspired by her Midwestern roots and Russian ancestry, and even though I can't really imagine what that clash would sound like, I'm eager to find out.

Taiga is out October 7 via Mute.