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A$AP Rocky - "Multiply" ft. Juicy J

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Previously loved A$AP Mob figurehead A$AP Rocky's got a new track out, and I'm hoping that means a new album is on the way come 2015.

Personally, I'm a little more excited for whatever my dude Ferg is gonna do next, but "Multiply" has a lot to offer. The beat is absolutely sick with some resonant bass and an eerie, droning melody that hangs menacingly in the background. A$AP's catchy flows, Pimp C references, and shots at various clothing lines make the verses here pretty entertaining.

My main issues with the track sit with the various detours and stops the song makes along the way to the finish. Hopefully the song's album version isn't quite as disjointed. The Juicy J "feature" isn't really anything to brag about either. Considering Southern hip hop acts like Three 6 Mafia are a primary influence for Rocky, you'd think Juicy J would have done more for the track.

No reason not to look forward to whatever Rocky's got up his sleeve next, but the true potential of "Multiply" was not reached.