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Bent Knee - "Battle Creek"

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This past summer, I caught on to an epic and somewhat progressive Boston band by the name of Bent Knee. Apparently, a lot of other people did as well, and the unforeseen buzz caused the band to push the release date of their sophomore album back a bit in order to promote the record properly.

Well, November is around the corner now, which means the release of Shiny Eyed Babies is as well, and the band is reminding us with the track "Battle Creek," which is embedded above.

The song starts off with a Floyd-esque guitar lick, and quickly drifts into an ominous drone punctuated with forlorn vocals and plucked strings. It's a gripping start, and the song only gets bigger from there, conjuring grand musical passages that should captivate Sigur Rós and Björk fans alike. The ending is quite whimsical, too.

Keep an ear out for Shiny Eyed Babies on Nov 11th!