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Da Mafia 6ix - Hear Sum Evil

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Download: Da Mafia 6ix - Here Sum Evil After dropping one of the grittiest mixtapes of 2013, and an unexpected ICP collaboration, Da Mafia 6ix is back with a new project titled Hear Sum Evil. They've also got a commercial full-length coming through next year, but there's reason to doubt whether or not the group will be able to hold it together 'til then.

If you didn't already know, Da Mafia 6ix is essentially the legendary Southern hip hop outfit Three 6 Mafia--but without Juicy J. Within a year of announcing their formation, founding member Lord Infamous had passed of a heart attack. Dwindling further, Gangsta Boo actually left the group this past spring. So now, Da Mafia 6ix is quite literally half the group Three 6 Mafia was, and I'm not sure this budding attempt at bringing the group's original sound back can handle another lineup change--even if DJ Paul and company seem to be holding things down.

Regardless, Hear Sum Evil is a decent mixtape, featuring merciless verses, eerie production, and some likable features. But let me say thing: it's really nothing to freak out over. Just take it as a appetizer for this upcoming album, which I hope turns out alright.