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Deerhoof - "Exit Only"

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Deerhoof compliments one of the most unsettling and noisy tunes on their latest record with a strange video about interconnectedness. We seem to have a few twin-like characters who share pain in the same way a one-way street shares traffic. Whatever happens to one seems to impact the other, and in really weird ways, too.

I was starting to wonder if this series of events was more metaphorical than literal, but then the video went off the deep end as guitarist Ed Rodriguez busts through a wall looking like a member of the Ramones as he sends sparks from his guitar's pickups.

As confusing as it may be, it's still pretty awesome. Oh, hey, just like the band itself. Woah! Mind blown, man! Check out a review of Deerhoof's latest album here. Also, kudos to director Vice Cooler.