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Ghostface Killah - "Double Cross" ft. AZ / "Blood In The Streets"

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Known for his renowned membership of the Wu-Tang Clan, but also for his early solo works, Ghostface Killah is once again attracting major attention over the release of a forthcoming album. The title of this new one: 36 Seasons, which apparently includes a comic insert based on the album’s concept of the revenge of a deafeated and forgotten anti-hero. The new single “Double Cross” features Brooklyn-born rapper AZ, as do a few other tracks on the album, and includes a menacing bassline over kick and hat drum beats. Interrupted briefly by police commands and a slight build up to AZ’s verse--which contains a well-placed “C.R.E.A.M.” reference--the track is a bit unadventurous and expected, but still an exciting prelude to the impending project.

You can actually try another new track from 36 Seasons, "Blood In The Streets," right here.

- Fin Worrall