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Ghostface Killah - "The Battlefield" ft. Kool G Rap, AZ & Tre Williams

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Following up his impressive collaborative concept album with Adrian Younge last year, Twelve Reasons To Die, Ghostface Killah is ready to drop another full-length this December titled 36 Seasons. It's another concept album, which is fine by me, and details a story of revenge.

"The Battlefield" is the second track to get released from this thing--here's the first--and it features verses from Kool G Rap and AZ. There's a sweet hook on this thing that's sung by Tre Williams, too. The track puts us right in the middle of the album's storyline, introducing us to an unhappy Ghostface Killah reacting to his old neighborhood going to hell after a 9-year hiatus spent somewhere else.

The track's instrumental has a head-bobbing rhythm, some righteous piano chords, and a driving guitar lead, too. While the lyrical content leaves a lot of questions about the storyline of the album, it's certainly a good cliffhanger for now.

Look for 36 Seasons via Tommy Boy on December 9th.