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Obnox - "Infinite Trash"

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If one thing can be said about Bim Thomas, a.k.a. Obnox, it’s that he’s come far--really far. Having gone from the 'blues-grunge recorded on a four-track in his basement' sound of debut album I’m Bleeding Now to the decidedly more proficient Louder Space, Obnox has explored, experimented and expanded into the quite alarming wall of sound to which we are now exposed with the new single “Infinite Trash.”

Because Obnox seems to have ignored that some of his most popular tracks from Louder Space were the most dynamically spacious, “Infinite Trash” is reminiscent of some of the louder, more punk-influenced songs from the album and seems to almost be a continuation of his earlier efforts. However, although it retains the full fuzzy guitar lines and grungy symbol crashes to which Obnox seems drawn, as well as the slightly tiresome self-harmonised vocals, this track seems a little more thought out, better produced and maybe even catchy.

- Fin Worrall