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Orenda Fink - "This is a Part of Something Greater"

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A few months ago, Orenda Fink--who is also known for being a vital force of Azure Ray, O+S, Art In Manila, and a few other side projects--released what is potentially her finest work yet with her album Blue Dream. After a couple impressionistic, abstract videos for the first two singles, Fink has produced one for the track "This is a Part of Something Greater," and it's a doozy. Impeccably timed for Halloween, the clip finds Fink reenacting various classic horror movie staples - from Videodrome, Psycho, Poltergeist, Blue Velvet, to name a few--to an almost startlingly precise degree. One highlight includes an eerily placid rendition of the bathroom scene from The Shining. The clip fits the slightly menacing tone of the song well, adding a creepy new layer to the refrain, "You know that my love will never die," with Fink playing both the victims and the villains.

Blue Dream is out now on Saddle Creek.