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Milwaukee Banks x Rat & Co - "Monitor"

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"Monitor" is a new collaborative track between two music groups out of Melbourne, Australia right now: Milwaukee Banks and Rat & Co. The song embedded above will land on a soon-to-be-released double a-side single.

Milwaukee Banks is one of the many acts I caught while I was down under this past September for the BIGSOUND music festival. They're a creative, ethereal hip hop duo worthy of your attention. I'm new to Rat & Co, however, but they seem to be creating some pretty sweet, pleasant electronic music. One record I came across seemed to pull from downtempo, ambient, and IDM on various spots in the track listing.

Together, Milwaukee Banks and Rat & Co just make sense; it's like I'm listening to an Australian underground music dream team. The beat on this thing is great. It's got some sharp, tangy synth leads that keep my ears at attention from beginning to end, but the groove is relaxed enough to fit Milwaukee Banks' typically calm style.

Pick up a copy of this new single at the MB Bandcamp right here.