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OG Maco - OG Maco EP

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OG Maco EP Download via Datpiff In a recent interview with The FADER, OG Maco called his newly-dropped self-titled EP "a culmination of every failure and lesson it ever took to achieve victory with my team, with my family and for the world." Moving past the drama and reflection, OG Maco is a commendable project, and at least somewhat surprising in the inventiveness with the trap-based production, if not wholly inventive or creative. Maco proves throughout the tape that there is a lot more than meets the eye in terms of what can be done with wild, unexpected screams, shouts and ad libs and relentless trap beats. "Been Thuggin" is one of the projects most powerful traps, as Maco reverts between being subdued and clever to wild and unpredictable, all the while riding a deep, 808-saturated beat that shakes walls and cracks windows. While "No Pressure" is a bit more hushed and dark, with Maco throwing in his own brand of arrogant sarcasm. Save a few dips here and there, OG Maco is an endless stream of energy, which keeps the momentum on his debut going. Especially on tracks like "CRU" and the true standouts "Heat" and "Seizure". Known for alternating between being savage one minute, chilled the next, and everything in between, sometimes on the same song, there's enough intensity throughout OG Maco to go around.

- Ron Grant