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Title Fight - "Chlorine" (Video)

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If this newly released single is anything to go by, Title Fight's upcoming LP will be new territory for the band. The album, titled Hyperview, has a scheduled release date of Feb. 3 via ANTI- Records. The quartet have roots in the Kingston, PA hardcore scene, but have grown to incorporate other styles and genres each time they re-enter the studio. 2011's Shed felt very indebted to bands like Lifetime and Jawbreaker, while 2012's Floral Green was a thoroughly-mixed amalgam of '90s emo, punk, alt-rock, and grunge, feeling equal parts Saves The Day and Dinosaur Jr.

On "Chlorine", we get their now familiar brand of skilled songwriting and forceful melodies, but the vibe is completely different. The guitars are awash in cavernous reverb, and the dissonant chords between the verses feel jarring and unfamiliar. The throaty, angst-ridden vocals are replaced by a hollow, spectral voice tucked in amongst the fray. The result of all this comes across feeling indicative of shoegaze, maybe even a bit of new wave at times. Either way, I can't wait to hear what the rest of the record sounds like.

-Tom Fullmer