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le1f - "Rage"

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New York rapper--uh, using that term loosely here--le1f has dropped a new track via Terrible Records. It's a single teasing toward his next full-length album titled Riot Boi. It's looking at a November 13th release date at the moment.

To be honest, not 100% sure how to take this track. It's definitely raw, but I've never really cared for le1f's style up until this point, but this track's starting to sway me. It's BALLS-TO-THE-WALL INSANITY. le1f dynamically transitions from heavenly, auto-tuned verses to a set of banger choruses that really live up to the title of the track here. There's a strong industrial hip hop vibe, but it's nothing that would garner a Death Grips comparison.

While it may be hard to stomach in some respects, it's also refreshingly weird while appreciating things like catchy lyrics and song structure. Definitley gonna be looking out for Riot Boi.