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Young Thug - "My Baby" / "Best Friend"

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Hot off the tails of a new music video, which you can watch below, Thugger Thugger is promoting a forthcoming mixtape with a new single titled "My Baby." The title: Slime Season. It's supposed to drop this month.

Yeah, while I didn't really care for much of what was served up on Barter 6 earlier this year, I think Young Thug's finally started to play to his strengths with his latest singles. Glamorous instrumentals combined with his strange, nasal singing voice seem to be leading to quite a few bangers, and the above track is no exception.

The mix job seems to be that of your average mixtape--oh, and there's some pretty distracting watermarks, too--but it doesn't keep the track from reaching at least some kind of potential. The jittery percussion is great, the piano chords sparkle, and Thug's vocal embellishments are odd but expressive. Definitely looking forward to this tape.