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Mark Kozelek with Ben Boye and Jim White - "The Black Butterfly"

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Here's the second single from Mark Kozelek's upcoming collaborative album with Ben Boye and Jim White, which will apparently contain the Koz's sixth and seventh discs of 2017. Lyrically, "The Black Butterfly" is a step up from the previously released "House Cat," with Mark spending the first portion of the song conveying a dream he had about Elliott Smith. Then the track gets Beefheartian with an off-kilter, seemingly improvised section; though after hearing Jim's drumming on the Yellow Kitchen cut "Daffodils" (and considering his free-form work with the Dirty Three), I can't say that's really out of left field.

I'm digging the dark vibe of this song overall, and am just curious at this point to hear how the whole album will come together. A full stream will go live on Sun Kil Moon's site on October 1, along with an interview about the project with producer Tony Visconti.