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Aminé - "Campfire"

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Portland rapper Aminé has teamed up with Phoenix rap trio Injury Reserve for a smooth, low-key single titled “Campfire.” It's Aminé’s second single since his debut album Good for Youwhich came out last year.

This unexpected combo pairs well on the short but catchy track. Aminé handles the hook, going on about his love for his red Mercedes – a familiar topic for Aminé – and trades verses with Injury Reseve’s Ritchie with a T. However, Groggs is nowhere to be found. 

Though "Campfire” was apparently produced by Asa Taccone rather than Injury Reserve’s Parker Corey, its tight instrumental and rocking bass is reminiscent of one of the trio's best tracks like “See You Sweat.” The difference being this track is significantly more skeletal. 

Aminé has not announced any plans for a new album yet, but Injury Reserve teased a new project on Instagram before kicking off their North American tour.

-Owen Murray