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Vulture Shit - The Joys of Employment

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Some freakish, frenzied punk rock on this new Vulture shit EP, which you can stream via the widget above. If you love manic vocals and wild guitars compressed into brief musical blitzkriegs, then this is for you. Enjoy!

King Dude & Chelsea Wolfe - "Be Free"

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Wolfe and Dude find themselves in the midst of an atmospheric, tortured duet that calls out to the likes of Nick Cave or Michael Gira. If you like your folk with a gothic edge, then hop on this quickly.

The song streaming above is a part of a forthcoming 7" titled Sing More Songs Together..., which is dropping on March 25th via Not Just Religious Music. There's only gonna be a thousand copies of this thing, too

This isn't the first time Wolfe and Dude appeared on the same 7" together, and it's great to see the collaborative element of this second go-around runs even deeper. Enjoy!

The Keepsies - "She (Was My Baby)"

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Several newly released tracks from the Fergus & Geronimo-related Keepsies.

The band's new 7" can be streamed via the widget above. There's almost a spastic variety to these three tracks, too. The opener has a vintage pop to it, "Mandibles" reminds me of the Feelie's fast and punk-y aesthetic, and the closer reminds me of something I might hear from a Parquet Courts record. Enjoy!

Ariel Pink and Jorge Elbrecht - "Hang On To Life" (LOVED)

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Ariel Pink comes through with a new, collaborative a-side with Jorge Elbrecht with the song "Hang On To Life." The 7" is due for release on Mexican Summer, and the track basically embodies everything that's been so great about Ariel's material over the past several years.

"Hang On To Life," in a sense, is about heartbreak. It features soft rock instrumentation, a killer chorus, and plenty of retro kitsch. While Pink probably isn't going to give up these aged sounds anytime soon, it doesn't matter to me as long as the songwriting is this top-notch!

Check a review for Ariel's Mature Themes below:

Dope Body - "Youth Relic"


Baltimore band Dope Body drops a new music video for a track off their latest EP, which you can check a review for below. The video here features footage of the band being mimicked very loosely by a group of girls and one feisty, young kid as the frontman. Enjoy!