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Lazer/Wulf - "Beast Reality (Center Piece)"

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Stream here via Noisey Georgia experimental metal trio Lazer/Wulf is gearing up to release its debut album The Beast of Left and Right through Kylesa's Retro Futurist Records. The group has offered us this glimpse of project, "Beast Reality," which exemplifies the group's self-professedly hard-to-define nature. Although, I do feel either of the descriptions the band offers - funk with thrash roots or jazz with sludge issues - fits the bill nicely.

But if you find either of those descriptions lacking, comedian and extreme music connoisseur Brian Posehn offered these choice words also for your consideration: "Thanks for ripping off my face and force-feeding it to me while I cried out of what's left of my eyeholes. You are terrific." "Beast Reality" certainly finds the band at its most, uhm, terrific.

The Beast of Left and Right is due out July 15 via Retro Futurist. In the meantime, you can stream their self-released, Silent Hill-alluding 2012 EP here.

Jarren Benton - "Life In The Jungle"


Georgia-based Funk Volume MC Jarren Benton gives listeners a disconcerting look at urban life in his music video for "Life in the Jungle." The video consists of two vignettes about robbery and drug use, culminating in nothing but an early grave.

"Life in the Jungle" is taken from Benton's latest album, My Grandma's Basement. You can watch a review of it here:

HANZ - "Dead Weight X"

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Experimental beatmusic producer HANZ drops a new single titled "Dead Weight X." Spanning just over 14 minutes, it's easily this dude's most ambitious musical moment yet. I really dig how he combines elements of noise, melody, and head-bobbing hip hop grooves for a pretty interesting sonic experience. Enjoy!

I Come To Shanghai- "Another Holiday / Favorite Drug"

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Georgia duo I Come To Shanghai has released a song from their upcoming album Eternal Life Volume 2, which is set for release this month. The track has a really dreamy presentation, and it's layered with sliding guitars and airy synthesizers. The vocals contribute to this feeling using harmonies reminiscent of the Beach Boys or Animal Collective. They make a number of seamless transitions musically as well--especially near the end where the song transforms into a catchy synth-pop jam. The grooves these guys are producing are pretty impeccable and show a lot of prowess within their particular brand of psychedelic music.

Eternal Life Volume 1 was released July last year and is available to download at their website The band also has kickstarter to release both volumes of Eternal Life on a vinyl LP. The campaign has reached its goal, but you can still donate here if you're interested in one.