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No Feral Animal

Hear Two More Snake Oil Tracks

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"No Feral Animal"

"Jung Greezy"

Connecticut's Snake Oil have dropped its self-titled debut in a self-released and self-produced fashion today, making the album available via digital and vinyl on the Snake Oil website. The band has been kind enough to allow TND to stream two more colorful and psychedelic instrumentals from the album, too.

It all started with "I Was a Total Pyro" and "Can of Love and the Captain," but these two tracks are cut from a much more laid back cloth. The guitar groove that lays over the fuzzy organs on "No Feral Animal" sound like ice cubes dropping on glass, and "Jung Greezy" makes me think of what might happen if the Books were forced to collaborate with Dumbo Gets Mad.

Scope the cover art to this album below, and let me know what you think of the songs above.