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Theophilus London- "Big Spender" ft. A$AP Rocky

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Theophilus London drops a new single, and features A$AP Rocky on it. As many of you may know. I wasn't completely in love with London's full-length debut, but expected better days for this guy, for sure.

However, this new single has me on the fence. It seems Theophilus is heading down the road of swag rap, and he's holding A$AP's hand along the way. With reference to his team, Rolexes, and kush, I fear he's moving into territory where he'll lose what made him unique in the first place.

Your thoughts?


Theophilus London- Timez Are Weird These Days

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This video is a collaborative review with the good guys over at Dead End Hip Hop. Here's the text they popped in the description box: "We couldn't hook up with The Needle Drop and not do an album review. Brooklyn MC Theophilus London drops his debut album a few weeks back, "Timez Are Weird These Days". Dead End Hip Hop and The Needle Drop links and brings you this album review on an eccentric artist that crosses both hip hop and pop and electronic and so much more."



Theophilus London- "I Stand Alone"

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From the LP Timez Are Weird These Days, here's "I Stand Alone," which serves as a closing track for the album. Timez Are Weird drops tomorrow, too!

It's a display of New York rapper Theophilus London's poppier sensibilities. How this guy combines hip hop and pop attracted me on first listen with Lover's Holiday, and I'm excited to hear it carried out in full force on this new album.

Stream the track above, dig on its lone wolf hook and electronic backdrop.

Theophilus London- "Girls Girls $"


What an insane video for one of my favorite tracks from Theophilus London's new LP, Lover's Holiday. I reviewed that bad boy a little while ago. Watch it here.

Believe it or not, this video actually reminds me of when I was in high school. At least once a week, I'd head over to a friend's place and we'd hang out and watch crude, offensive flash cartoons on I feel like I've already seen thirty cartoons like this one, hah!

Be looking out for Theo's new album, Timez Are Weird These Days. It's dropping July 19th.

Theophilus London- Lover's Holiday EP

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Theophilus London's new EP, Lover's Holiday, is a piece of pop rap I can really get down with. Not only are some strong new wave influences tastefully shown on off this thing, but the songwriting is crafted for maximum enjoyability. With strong melodies, beats, and guest singers, Theo has set a serious bar for himself when his next full-length drops later this year. Outperforming singles like "Flying Overseas" is going to be a tough thing to do.

Overall, these songs are rich with hooks, melody, and personality. I kind of get the feeling the this guy might be bordering on being a little too "cool" for my ears, but it's nothing I can't handle.