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Young Fathers - "WAR"

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A brand new single from the Scottish experimental hip hop outfit Young Fathers. The group is getting set to drop a new full-length via Anticon on February 3rd. The title of this thing: DEAD.

"WAR" isn't one of Young Fathers' most hard-hitting tracks, but it is one of their strangest, alternating between intense stints of spoken word, and impassioned group singing. Enjoy!

Young Fathers - "LOW"

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Scottish alt-hip hop trio Young Fathers have left me pretty impressed with their creative lo-fi fusions of rap, African music, reggae, and more on the two "tapes" they've dropped thus far, but I've always thought there was more potential in what the group was offering--especially if the sounds they were working with were more hi-fi. The song "LOW" seems to toy with the idea of that, featuring the best recording I've heard on a Young Fathers song yet. The singing, rapping, and primal beat ring through clearly, and give this tender ballad dynamics it needs to move emotions and groove crowds. Watch, listen, and enjoy! Oh, and the trio is already set to drop a new album in February titled DEAD, so look out for that!

Check a review for Young Fathers' Tape Two below:

RocketNumberNine - "Rotunda"

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RocketNumberNine is pulling together an interesting blend of drone noise music with a bit of dance instrumental.

It's really all about the build and the collapse and repeating it in unexpected ways on "Rotunda". It's completely circular and often repeats itself just a rotunda should. What is special about the track is just how they combine regularly unappealing noises into danceable grooves, or spurts of grooves that are gone before you can even react to them.

This song and others are due for release on RocketNumberNine's next full-length album, MeYouWeYou. Look for it on May 21st via Smalltown Supersound.

Young Fathers- Tape One

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For a group that states "nothing is original" in its first music video, Young Fathers certainly is, well, original. Of course I know the point the UK trio--uh, I think it's a trio--is trying to make. Still, the blend of hip hop, African music, lo-fi, noise, and electronics the group brings together feels really fresh--not to mention each member showcases some pretty great flows and lyrics.

Check out the group's video for the track "Rumbling" below, and stream Tape One above. It's downloadable here, too.

Video: Young Fathers- "Rumbling"