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Young Fathers - "LOW"

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Scottish alt-hip hop trio Young Fathers have left me pretty impressed with their creative lo-fi fusions of rap, African music, reggae, and more on the two "tapes" they've dropped thus far, but I've always thought there was more potential in what the group was offering--especially if the sounds they were working with were more hi-fi. The song "LOW" seems to toy with the idea of that, featuring the best recording I've heard on a Young Fathers song yet. The singing, rapping, and primal beat ring through clearly, and give this tender ballad dynamics it needs to move emotions and groove crowds. Watch, listen, and enjoy! Oh, and the trio is already set to drop a new album in February titled DEAD, so look out for that!

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No Age - "An Impression"

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California lo-fi and noise rock duo No Age have a new album on the way via Sub Pop Records that's due in August. The title is An Object, and the tracks to drop thus far from the album--including the one embedded above--haven't really gotten me very excited for the LP.

So far, songs like "An Impression" are forecasting a step backward into the more lo-fi aesthetic of the band's early EPs and demos. I suppose that won't be a bad thing if they continue to toss in surprises like the beautifully layered strings that manage to pop in toward the end of this track!

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Jenny Hval - "The Seer"

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Singer-songwriter Jenny Hval has a sharp, interesting voice that is equally matched by the odd beauty of the music she surrounds herself with. This adventurous personality Hval's got was also on display through the track I previously posted on this blog, "I Called," which is much noisier. In contrast, "The Seer" is a chilly ballad where the vocals really lead the way through droning layers of organ and sparse percussion toward the finish. Enjoy!