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Psymun - Pink Label

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Downtempo rhythms and organic hip-hop create a wonderfully drab atmosphere to crawl into on Psymun's new album, Pink Label. Taking cues from the recent emphasis on texture in wonky and instrumental hip hop, Psymun creates neverendingly interesting soundscapes that seem to inhabit a dark, yet livable space.

Album standout "ok" also wanders into the world of ethereal guitar permeating the alternative world at the moment. Think of it as an even drearier version of the Zoo Kid's "Out Getting Ribs" without vocals. While at times the album's musical inspirations can feel too directly plucked from their sources, the styles that are mashed up here fit so well together and have been blended so little that the album never feels derivative.

Mr. Oizo - "Bear Biscuit"

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French electronic music producer Mr. Oizo has dropped a new track that's set to be featured on his forthcoming full-length album titled The Church. The album is currently looking at a November 18th release date via Brainfeeder Records.

To be completely honest, I had never put much stock in Mr. Oizo's music before I heard this track. His previous material struck me as being pretty inconspicuous, just not that bold. However, "Bear Biscuit" has a huge freak flag that it has no shame in flying. With loads of heavy, noisy start-stop grooves, I'm not sure if I'm waiting for a more fluid song to start or getting a musical beatdown. The disorienting vocal samples are a nice touch as well.

Props to Mr. Oizo on this one!

Sadsic - Sells/Cells

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Previously reviewed beatmusic producer Sadisc drops a new EP, which is essentially a few odds and ends surrounding a massive, 20-minute monster of a track. The song is titled "Cells," and it's really a test of Sadsic's abilities as a composer, weaving a group of incredibly varied instrumentals and grooves together into one pretty cohesive piece.

Give the EP a stream above and enjoy!

Surock - Suck My Disk

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Music production has come a long way since the 80s, and it's sometimes hard to imagine how so many beloved joints were produced on such rudimentary equipment. Case in point: The SP-1200. Of course, this drum machine and sampler that was more advanced than the hardware that preceded it, but it's funny to think this thing had only about ten seconds of sampling time at its disposal. These days, we can sample anything for as long as we'd like. The limitations seem to be endless, and advancements like this tend to make us forget what things were like prior. Despite obvious limitations, the buttons on the SP-1200 were smashed by too many legendary producers to name, and its abilities were put to use in a variety of different genres, too.

This is how all of this is relevant: What's been embedded above is a new album of instrumentals from up-and-coming producer Surock, and he stuck faithfully to the 1200 for every single track here. As a result, the beats here have a warm, gritty tone. The dude's sampling is tight as well, and there's a variety of vibes that come across in these beats, too. Give 'em a stream, and enjoy!


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"Ave. B" has got to be my favorite cut from this new SNSCRN EP, and you can stream it via the Bandcamp widget above. The track's hip hop-style groove, scurrying hi-hats, and playful vocal sampling make it a standout on this incredibly short EP, Lips. The harmonies created by the rushes of synths that occur throughout the background of the song are a wonderful touch as well. Enjoy!

Sadsic - Self-Titled

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Beatmusic producer Sadsic psychedelically blends elements of drum 'n' bass, hip hop, wonky, IDM, and more into this menagerie of tracks from the self-titled album embedded in the widget above. It's a pretty dizzying group of songs, and are loaded with nutty samples, infectious grooves, and detailed rhythms. Enjoy!