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Beck - Morning Phase

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While the more slow, syrupy side of Beck's discography appeals to many, it never has to me. Morning Phase shows beck returning to the stomping grounds of albums like Mutations and Sea Change, but with instrumentation and tunes that are far more uninteresting.

Beck - "Blue Moon"

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Beck suddenly drops a folky new single, which teases toward his next LP, Morning Phase. The album is currently looking at a February 25th release date, and I'm not entirely sure how excited I am at this point. While One Foot In The Grave--Beck's freak folk opus--continues to be one of my favorite modern folk albums, the singing and instrumentation on "Blue Moon" is decidedly understated and a bit tame. Hopefully Morning Phase will contain some punchier, more colorful songs, but for now, "Blue Moon" is just a light, likable enough single.

Beck - "I Won't Be Long"

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Famed singer-songwriter and musical oddball Beck has dropped a new single that feels like an ethereal take on some of the drum and guitar sounds I'd typically associate with a new wave tune. The tune is pretty catchy as well, and make sure to put your ears to the pretty, textured instrumental bridge in the middle of this thing. Enjoy!

You can pre-order a 12" of this thing, too!

Thurston Moore- Demolished Thoughts

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On the Beck-produced Demolished Thoughts, Sonic Youth member Thurston Moore takes things down a notch for a series of acoustic songs wrapped in well-arranged violins and harps. Some tracks come off like softer versions of what might make on a Sonic Youth album, but others reveal a sweeter side of Moore that doesn't come out too often--maybe not often enough.

If you're digging on this LP, look for it now on Matador Recs.

Review: Thurston Moore- Demolished Thoughts

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