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Tobacco - "Streaker" ft. Notrabel

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Black Moth Super Rainbow frontman Tobacco will drop his third solo album Ultima II Massage next month, and from what we've heard so far, it's gonna be a filthy, scuzzy affair. Now, if you thought lead single "Eruption" wasn't filthy or scuzzy enough, this new one "Streaker" might just scratch that dirty itch of yours. This new song proffers perhaps Tobacco's heaviest instrumental yet - overdriven electronics buzzing, whirring, and crashing in every which way, and even the vocodered voice is decidedly distorted and nasty compared to the lightness and gentleness typically brought by Tobacco's vocals. He doesn't care if he's harshing our buzz this time around. In fact, I think he wants to, and that's oddly refreshing. Stream the track above and enjoy!

Ultima II Massage is out May 13 via Ghostly. Check out Anthony's thoughts on Tobacco's last LP here.

Black Moth Super Rainbow- "Gangs In the Garden"

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Black Moth Super Rainbow drops a new track with the band's latest album, Cobra Juicy, coming out officially on October 23rd.

I'm really enjoying the straightforward dance quality of this track. I could really see this getting play in a club, and I'm really feeling the Daft Punk comparison made on the Consequence of Sound blurb in the link below. That vocoder vocal is something else. Really, to me, this is the most fun the track that's been dropped thus far from Cobra.


Black Moth Super Rainbow- "Windshield Smasher"


Some new visuals for the new Black Moth Super Rainbow single, "Windshield Smasher." This is definitely one of the more entertaining videos I've seen this year, and that's mostly due to its absurdity.

A unsuspecting couple runs up on a group of BMSR mask-wearing baddies who torture them when the couple realities against the group robbing their vehicle. The "torture" is where things get hilarious. Head dunking and forced cake consumption are among the handful of things the group does to put the couple through hell. Their methods are odd, but effective, I'm sure.

BMSR's next album, Cobra Juicy, will be out on October 23rd.

Black Moth Super Rainbow- "Windshield Smasher"

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Black Moth Super Rainbow drops a new single from the experimental, electronic psych pop project's forthcoming album, Cobra Juicy. The album is looking at an October 9th release date. There's also a Kickstarter campaign where fans can help fund BMSR, and pre-order this new album.

As far as this new single goes, it's pretty fun. The intro sounds a bit like something that would fit nicely as the backdrop to a pep rally--or maybe even a Black Keys track. However, things smooth out after a short intro with some atmospheric effects and BMSR's trademark etherial vocals.

While I would have liked to have heard more of a left hook from BMSR on this new track, Cobra Juicy is bound to have a surprise or two, I'm sure.

Black Moth Super Rainbow- "Spraypaint"

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The neo-psych pop project Black Moth Super Rainbow is back with a new tune and an album announcement via SoundCloud. Stream the track "Spraypaint" above, which is, to me, one of the prettiest songs I've heard come out of the project. It features the usual set of punchy beats and breathy, heavily manipulated vocals, but the end result is very serene gentle.