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Algiers- "Blood"

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Algiers is an experimental music trio combining elements of gospel, spirituals, noise, soul, rock, and more. This project is about to make its Double Phantom Records debut tomorrow with a new single for the track featured in the video above, "Blood."

Between the low-end bass hits and rattling tambourines, this track gives me the creeps. It's got a serious tortured side to it, and gives the sound of struggle a nasty and painful set of textures to go along with it.

Stream both sides of this new Algiers single right here, and grab a copy of Double Phantom tomorrow.

This Summer's Most Insane Music Video

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OK, so I'm not trying to be provocative with the title of this blog post. I honestly mean it when I say this will be the most insane music video you see this summer. It's basically the viral internet blockbuster the blog-o-sphere has been waiting for, so buy your tickets early and grab a seat down front.

So let's get this out of the way: The song is by Is Tropical, and the tune's title is "the Greeks." The track is out now via Kitsune on a new indie dance compilation.

Usually, we're all about the song 'round here, but let's be honest with ourselves here. Are we really going to pay attention to the song while watching this video? I mean, most of the track is sonically overshadowed by gunshots, kids screaming, and various explosions of all sizes.

With Megaforce and Seven on top of the visuals here, no gory stone is left unturned as these kids kill each other in various execution styles using semi and fully automatic weapons. There's even a bit of flamethrower in here, too.

The kids eat food, dress up in various costumes, cook drugs, and even fire at old people--you know, all the normal things a group of kids from a French suburb would be doing on an average day.