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Bongripper - "Endless"

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Chicago doom metal outfit Bongripper has a new album on the way titled--wait for it--Miserable. Yes, Miserable. I don't think I've ever been excited for misery, but there's a first for everything. You can pre-order the album here.

On this track from the new album, Bongripper is sounding monstrously heavy, slow, and ambitious, too. They manage to string this particular song out for 17 minutes, which isn't too surprising considering the expansive song lengths on the band's last record, Satan Worshipping Doom. Enjoy!

New Bongripper / Hate Split

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Chicago doom metal experimentalists Bongripper team up with the fast and furious hate for a quick split 45 that's available on Bandcamp right freakin' now! Stream it via the widget above, and enjoy!

Check out a review for Bongripper's Satan Worshipping Doom right here.

Bongripper- "Fisting"

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Chicago metal outfit Bongripper deals in all things heavy. If it's a style of rock that features heavy riffs, and tons of bass, the band has probably indulged in it at some point across the five albums its released since '06.

The group has just released a new unmastered single on its Bandcamp titled "Fisting," and the track has a pretty climatic progression. It all starts with a noisy, ominous drone. Eventually, doom-bringing riffs start pounding away in the mix just before the band breaks into blast beats and a heavy sludge metal groove.

Stream the track above. Hopefully, this track is some sort of teaser toward a full-length album. I'd certainly be looking forward to that considering how much I dug the band's last album.

New Bongripper 7''

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Chicago's Bongripper drops a new 7'' to keep things nice and heavy in 2011.

The release's two tracks, "Sex Tape" and "Snuff Film," feature some surprising changes of direction. The band is still as loud as they've been on the LOVED Satan Worshipping Doom, but the tempo and style has changed a little bit.

Just as "Sex Tape" can't get any heavier, it speeds up into a drum beat a hardcore punk moshpit would go nuts for. I almost thought a blast beat was on the way.

"Snuff Film" makes a change that's even more surprising. Though I like song's dark and looming introduction, the track's bassline changes formation and leads the track into a stint that's almost pop punk in nature--or maybe heavy metal circa 1984. All I know is I could see Bruce Dickinson laying down some lyrics about a medieval battle over it. It's not long before the chords start booming again, though.

Overall, some pretty solid tracks and sounds. The two songs are available for a buck fifty on Bongripper's Bandcamp. What do you make of these two tracks?

Stream New Bongripper LP

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A long time ago--before I was into doom metal--I consciously avoided the Electric Wizard album Dopethrone. I saw the iconic image of Satan hitting a bong and figured it wasn't for me; however, I couldn't have been more wrong.

Well, I'm not going to make the same mistake with the new Bongripper album, Satan Worshipping Doom. It's the band's sixth LP, and the title does not mislead, believe me. Doom fans get what they ask for here: Four tracks that each top ten minutes; loads of massive riffs; a thick, rumbling mix; and plenty of psychedelic undertones. There's even some black metal floating through these songs, too.

Stream the entire album below and let me know what you think. DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!