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burst apart

The Antlers- Burst Apart

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On their latest album, the Antlers work to improve the lo-fi recording quality they were dealing with on their last album, and they definitely succeed in that department. The instruments and the mix sound absolutely fantastic. But there are more changes. First off, the storytelling that made their past LP so seductive to many has kind of left the building this time. There are tales told in these songs, but this unorganized collection of ten tracks feels like exactly that.

Still, there are a couple flickers of great songwriting here, and the new direction these guys are going in have made things much more accessible. However, there's this nondescript feeling I can't shake from this album. So much of it feels underwhelming or forgettable to me. The oddest moments are those that sound like they could have come out of a Radiohead tune--which only reminds me how flat the drama really is here.

But that's just me. If you're digging that album, keep on digging it. I'm lost on this one, I guess.