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The magical monthly segment where I briefly touch down on a gauntlet of albums I didn't get a chance to review this past month. These are just my short, straightforward, passionate, biased opinions.

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Cakes Da Killa - Hunger Pangs

New TrackstheneedledropComment Cakes Da Killa's Hunger Pangs mixtape has arrived! Described as sounding like a fighting game and as being the "ugly older sister" of last year's phenomenal Eulogy, this new project finds Cakes at, well, his hungriest. His flow continues to be fast, fiery, and in-your-face and his beats are still bold and bangin. The only thing to have been toned down is the lyrical content, but only ever so slightly - there isn't a "Fuck Ya Boyfriend" on here, at least. But regardless, Cakes is still consistently clever and remains one of hip hop's most exciting voices. Enjoy!

Cakes Da Killa - "I Run This Club"


Cakes Da Killa - I Run This Club [OFFICIAL VIDEO] from Hot Mom USA on Vimeo.

Cakes Da Killa attaches some appropriate visuals to his recently released club banger "I Run This Club," which there's actually gonna be a remix EP for this May. Expect to hear Jamie Lidell, Spank Rock, Fat Tony, Darq E Freaker, curl up, and Siyoung on that. Also, keep an ear out for the new EP Cakes should be dropping this spring, which you might remember him mentioning in this interview right here. Enjoy!

L S D X O X O - "Truth Tella" ft. Cakes Da Killa

New TrackstheneedledropComment

NYC electronic musician L S D X O X O may have just produced Cakes Da Killa's greatest track yet. Cake's flow is hard and precise over "Truth Tella"'s sauntering chiptune-esque instrumental. If you're familiar with a certain Pokemon creepypasta, this cut might make you a little noided, but the astonishment felt by most listeners will surely be at the hands of Cakes Da Killa.

"Truth Tella" is off L S D X O X O's new EP, S O F T C O R E, available to stream in full here. Enjoy!