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camera day

Zeroh- "Chocobo" / "Camera Day"

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"Chocobo" MP3

"Camera Day" MP3

These two tracks come from West Coast rapper and producer Zeroh.

If you like your hip hop abstract and mind-bending, then let these MP3s play, and pick up Zeroh's latest mixtape, G7 University. He's also got another tape hanging around as well.

The guy's flow reminds me a lot of Madlib when he's doing his Quasimodo thing, and nothing seems to be off the lyrical table. There are plenty of poignant statements about humanity and culture, but there are just as many spots where the rhymes detour into absurd calls of "I whip my hair back 'n' forth" and "a, b, c, d, e, f, g."  Yeah, I dig that, but I love the fact he's pulling beats from FlyLo and Teebs even more.