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Oh Sees - "Overthrown"

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San Francisco rock band Oh Sees (previously Thee Oh Sees and other variations) are back after last year’s Orc and Memory of a Cut Off Head, the latter of which was released under the OCS moniker. The band has become known for its prolificness, so the quick release of this new single, “Overthrown” comes as little surprise.

Thee Oh Sees have never been afraid to crank up the volume, but they've really upped the ante for “Overthrown.” While staying true to their garage rock and psychedelic foundation, the band puts a greater focus on metal and prog rock influences.

“Overthrown” is the first single leading up to Oh Sees’ upcoming album, Smote Reverser, which drops August 17 via Castle Face. They’re kicking off a tour this weekend at Boston Calling.

-Owen Murray

Warm Soda - "Someone For You"

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The title track from what I believe is Warm Soda's debut album. They're a band that was formed pretty recently by Matthew Melton after the demise of his previous band, Bare Wires. Like Bare Wires, Warm Soda has a somewhat vintage garage rock sound, but there's a tight, groomed appreciation for power pop on this new record, too--especially on this particular track, which has chords that ring out in praise of artists like the Strokes or Elvis Costello. Enjoy!