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The Dirty Nil - "Zombie Eyed"

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A bit of a grunge-inspired throwback from the guys in The Dirty Nil on "Zombie Eyed," which is a track that comes off the band's new split with Northern Primitive. Grab one of the 300 copies here.

I'm really digging the hell out of this track. The guitars blare, and the melodic leads are absolutely killer. The chorus is catchy as hell, too. It perfectly personifies that happy middle ground between aggressive and downright catchy that so many bands in the 90s championed.

YRRS- "Mob Life"


A catchy, fun, and lo-fi garage pop gem from the new YRRS 7", which is set for release via Keep It Yours on June 25th. The video itself is a smattering of clips from the Larry Clark film Another day in paradise. Ooo, James Woods!

Fang Island- Asunder

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From the forthcoming album Major, Fang Island just released the track "Asunder." Its a cool song, sounding a bit like the Strokes, if Julian Casablancas was quite a bit happier. It's a summery track, with solid riffs, catchy vocals, and a shiny-gloss production. Go ahead, turn this one up in your car with the windows down.

Look for this album on July 24th via Sargent House.

Aesop Rock- "Zero Dark Thirty"

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Aesop Rock has emerged from where ever he has been hiding for the last five years with a new music video and single. He has continued to improve his abstract lyrical style and delivery in this track, which is probably one of his catchiest to date while still maintaining that lyrical density he is known for.

The video features a bearded Aesop sitting in front of a plain white wall used a canvas for a graffiti artist to continuously tag with different images. The images resemble what I imagine it is like to be inside the mind and imagination of Aesop, dark, yet interesting and colorful. These images change frequently creating an interesting dynamic with Aesop Rock sitting stationary under them.

Skelethon is set to drop July 10 on Rhymesayers.

Terry Malts- "I Do"

VideosNicholas KindrachukComment

Some energetic punk pop courtesy of Terry Malts, who just released released its new album ,Killing Time, last week. Now to go along with that release they have a video for the track "I Do."

The song has a lot of energy and is undeniably catchy to the point that it becomes infectious. It is immediately uplifting and is just begging to be danced to do. The video features the band goofing around in what appears to be a basement. They casually play along with the song in way that totally supports its overall mood. It also messes around with motion blur and glare from lights which produce some interesting images. Good luck trying to get this song out of your head once you've given it a listen.