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Coin Locker Kid - Traumnovelle

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Previously mentioned Coin Locker Kid has one of the most unorthodox approaches to hip hop that I've heard in the past few years. I didn't love the last full-length I heard from him, but I still left puzzled by his odd rhymes, stories, and instrumentals.

There's a clear hip hop influence running throughout his music, but electronic and experimental music guide a lot of the compositions on this new project as well. The title of this thing: Traumnovelle. It's available now via Already Dead Tapes, and you can purchase this album via cassette here.


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In this installment of Y U NO REVIEW, I'm giving quick, undercooked opinions on the latest releases from Childish Gambino, Gojira, Anna Von Hausswolff, Fang Island, Jeremiah Jae, Coin Locker Kid, Micachu & the Shapes, Tenacious D, Debo Band, The Antlers, Jeff the Brotherhood, Guided By Voices, Peaking Lights, Garbage, John Frusciante, and the Gaslight Anthem.


Coin Locker Kid- "Gretle" (Loved)

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Wasn't I just talking about dark, experimental, weird hip hop? Yeah, I was. Let's continue the conversation:

The track streaming above is from a fellow by the name of Coin Locker Kid. The Ghost Sonata is the name of his new, free album/mixtape. It's a lo-fi, awkward, and strangely alluring trip through the dark side of this young dude's mind. While he's not exactly spitting with an insane flow or anything, his lyrics are worth paying attention to--his emotive voice gives a lotta weight to his words, too.

The beat is breathtaking as well. There are all these sharp, bright chorus vocals that have an almost oriental quality to them. The hand percussion all over the track is heavy and deep. It really brings a unique quality to the track. No question.

While I could see Shabazz Palaces fans getting into this easily, I have to acknowledge that the two artists don't have that much common ground.

Hear the rest of Coin Locker Kid's new album here.