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Cut Copy- Zonoscope

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Cut Copy's latest album is sweet, danceable, and good-natured. There's no denying that. But the personality on this album--or lack of it, really--is what prevents this album from sticking with me. The vocal melodies and lyrics are pretty underwhelming, and the grooves don't hit as hard as they could. I'm not surprised this band is as popular as they are. They've got a clean and pleasant delivery; plus, their music is in league with a currently popular retro synthpop sound. But there's not much about this album that gets me truly, truly excited.


Cut Copy- "Take Me Over" ‡ STREAM

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New single from Cut Copy's forthcoming album, Zonoscope. The album is set for a February release via Modular.

"Take Me Over," like it's predecessor, "Where I'm going," reaches back into the past to find a new sound for the band. This time, instead of shooting for 60s pop rock, the band has traveled twenty years to emulate the sounds of synth pop and new wave. Dig on the foreign drum fills and quirky synths.

Stream: Cut Copy- Take Me Over


Cut Copy- "Where I'm Going" ‡ STREAM

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Australia's Cut Copy have their eyes set on 2011 for a new album release, which is too far away to think about, but we're free to mull over the band's newly released single.

"Where I'm Going" sounds like the collaboration the Beatles, Who, and Beach Boys never got around to doing. Cut Copy is clearly living in the past on this one with little to no sign of their electropop sound in sight--with the exception of some subtle electronics coloring the track.

Stream: Cut Copy- Where I'm Going

What did you think of this track? Was it too nostalgic? Was it too 'oldies'? Are you excited for this new album? Is Cut Copy innovating? Do you think they've been hanging out with Tame Impala? -