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KH - "The Track I've Been Playing That People Keep Asking About and That Joy Used in His RA Mix and Daphni Played on Boiler Room"

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Despite the fact that his latest full-length album, There is Love in You, was released in 2010, Four Tet has hardly had an uninteresting past couple of years. Last year brought us Pink, a stellar compilation of 12" singles that he had released separately prior, and just a few weeks ago, the producer dropped 0181, a collection of material recorded between 1997 and 2001. The producer's latest offering is a new single under the moniker KH, which is short for his birth name, Kieran Hebden. Stream the comically titled "The Track I've Been Playing That People Keep Asking About and That Joy Used in His RA Mix and Daphni Played on Boiler Room" above.

Four Tet has become known for his marrying of sounds from the organic and electronic worlds, and this single is no exception. It starts strongly, letting a stimulating house beat and rhythmically idiosyncratic instrumentation make a bold introduction. The real hook of the song, however, is the erratic African chants which arrive about one minute into the track, lending it a certain primal sense of urgency. Given its quality, it's no surprise that "people keep asking about" this song.

Stream the New Daphni Album

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Daniel Snaith, best known for his Polaris Music Prize-winning electronic project Caribou, has a new record out under the monicker of Daphni entitled JIAOLONG. Citing long nights of club DJing while supporting Radiohead on their most recent tour, it's evident on JIAOLONG that Snaith has fallen in love with electronic music of the dance persuasion. Eschewing the fastidious construction of past projects, the Daphni approach is considerably more direct and impulsive, resulting in ecstatic tech house grooves and mesmerizing tribal house passages. Importantly though, Snaith retains his left-field compositional voice on this dalliance with dance, giving plenty of reason for Caribou fans, and fans of unique electronic music in general, to check out this release.

Stream the album in its entirety above and if it particularly strikes your fancy, you can purchase it through Merge Records.

Daphni- "Pairs"


Dan Snaith, a.k.a. Caribou, a.k.a. Daphni has dropped a new track via video. The title: Pairs. It's a trippy, strange, and somewhat awkward house tune that features synths of all shapes and sizes. The sounds feel about as multi-colored as the video fronting them. The groove is pretty nice. The only thing that irks me about the track is one particular synth that keeps cutting in. It's got the timbre of a dentist drill, and it's twice as loud, hah. Other than that, another solid production from Snaith.

Look for Daphni's new release, JIAOLONG, on October 16th.


Daphni- "Ye Ye"

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A newly released visual accompanying the Daphni (a.k.a. Caribou) track "Ye Ye," which isn't entirely new since it was released last year, I believe, along with a new Four Tet track; however, this video release is nonetheless important because it comes with an album announcement for the Daniel Snaith-masterminded electronica project.

The album will be self-released via Snaiths Jiaolong label. The title of this release: JIAOLONG, of course. Look for it on October 8th.