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Premiere: Dumbo Gets Mad - "Misanthropulsar"

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Italian psych-pop duo Dumbo Gets Mad is prepping a new album and has allowed us to share its first track. We're still trying to get "Plumy Tale" out of our heads five years later, but "Misanthropulsar" here is maybe every bit as much the earworm. The twosome is sounding considerably more refined than on previous effort Quantum Leap and definitely has the potential to top its 2011 debut, which Anthony loved so:

Dumbo Gets Mad - "American Day"

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We're premiering a new track from Italian psych pop project Dumbo Gets Mad titled "American Day." It's one of many weird, psychedelic, experimental, and bubbly cuts from the DGM's upcoming album, Quantum Leap, which is gonna be released toward the beginning of February on Band Panda Records. Enjoy, and check out my review of Elephants At the Door right here.

Dumbo Gets Mad- "Bam Bam"

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The Italian psych pop project known as Dumbo Gets Mad has dropped one more single from its forthcoming full-length, which is set to drop in January via Bad Panda Records. I'm digging the quirky and slightly lo-fi feel of this track. The light beat, falsetto vocals, and bouncy keyboards remind me a bit of Ariel Pink, but some of the effects serve as a reminder that Dumbo Gets Mad thrives in a world that's a bit more acid-washed.

Check a review of this project's debut full-length right here.

Dumbo Gets Mad- "Radical Leap"

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Groovy good feelings all around in this new Dumbo Gets Mad track.

Those good feelings come from a clear dub influence that is evident in the song that of course breaks down into psychedelic rock a few times. That groove mixed with their normal trippy nature mixes together something that feels fresh, in a very literal sense. Listening to this track just gave me a second wind with its deliberate pacing and echoey vocals. It feels like at one point this could have been two separate songs that somehow got mashed into one; a sound that works refreshingly well.

Lickbellies- Minotaur

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Involving Italian psych pop eccentric Dumbo Gets Mad and a few collaborators, Lickbellies is essentially a loose collective of friends making music they love. The above video is a 23-minute medley of the music these guys have been producing together for a few years now, and it's a treat that keeps on giving in the few short listens I've lent to it.

While nearly every moment seems to have been somewhat planned, how these tracks groove and transition into one another feels somewhat improvised. It's one, long, colorful jam transitioning from dirty funk basslines to trippy sax solos against hip hop beats. It's surprising how effortlessly these guys blend sounds that wouldn't normally be paired, but Dumbo Gets Mad showcased elements of that from that start, so how could it not be expected?