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Whistle Peak - "Longrun"

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Some really fascinating production coming out from Whistle Peak.

They create some truly eerie sounds with the drip-drop synthesizers and layers of keys humming throughout. I really adore this sound it feels special too, something that only a certain artist cam create. The vocals add to this effect with the particular style of the singer being creepier if used with right music, this is exactly the right production. In fact, if you were to strip some of the layers away it would be perfect haunted house music, but the way it is now is something far better.

Folo- The Secret Message

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Folo is a folk and electronic (folktronic?) group that hails from Israel. Now I wasn't really expecting to hear a blending of genres like these two, but what has been developed is something wonderfully atmospheric and eerie. The way that Folo uses vocal harmonies and electronic sampling creates a tense uneasy mood that I am particularly fond of. Though they are not the first band to have this kind of tone to their music it feels especially original here. It may be a part of living in Israel; having different sounds and feelings to bring into their art. Whatever it may be they pulled it off very well, I can see the influences of more recent Radiohead songs here, but I feel like these guys are much more successful than Radiohead has been of late in capturing this style of sound. You should definitely check this album out if nothing else it is a compelling listen all the way through.

Moonface- "Teary Eyes And Bloody Lips"

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A haunting stop-motion video has been released to accompany the Moonface track "Teary Eyes and Bloody Lips." The video fits the songs lyrics and melody well, featuring many empty and desolate locales. Using static backgrounds the stop emotion effect makes these still images still feel lively by having an object moving through them along with heavy use of blur and after image. There is a great use of filters as much of the beautiful scenery is made to look darker and hold some more significant meaning.

Look for Heartbreaking Bravery April 17th or listen to the full album at The A.V Club,72120/

Tasseomancy- "Heavy Sleep"

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So, this video is my odd introduction to the female singer-songwriter duo Tasseomancy, which was formerly known as Ghost Bees. The two members of this project are sisters Romy and Sari Lightman. They're twins, actually.

The duo's latest album, Ulalume, will the the first to be released since the name change. It's dropping tomorrow via Out of This Spark.

The video above features the album track "Heavy Sleep," which is pretty haunting both sonically and visually. Of course, it's no surprise that Taylor Kirk and Simon Trottier of Timber Timbre had a hand in the production and instrumentation behind this new album.

If you dig on the song above, stream the new Tasseomancy album by clicking here.